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Turn your company’s SharePoint Online investment into a Gamification and Learning Management System (LMS)

The Gamification market is on the rise and expected to grow by 41.8% by 2022 (according to P&S Market Research). At MessageOps, we are also seeing an increase in level of interest and adoption of gamification for learning within the community. For this very reason we developed CROWN. Companies are turning to gamification to boost employee productivity and make learning fun—all while leveraging their investment in Office 365 / SharePoint Online.

In this post, we’re going to review gamification, CROWN, and give you a few scenarios that show how this Learning Management System built on Office 365 can catapult your business to the next level.

What is gamification?

Gamification is a hot topic in today’s business climate. The method employs a variety of game elements in “non-game contexts” to help increase engagement and effectiveness within an organization. In other words, gamification lets employers harness the power and fun of games to make their employees better at what they do.

Examples of gamification in action

  • US ArmyThe U.S. Army is using gamification to attract recruits through an initiative that dates back to 1999. The Army has four transportable “Virtual Army Experience” units that travel to shopping malls and public events around the country to show potential recruits what it’s like to take on a mission.
  • Bluewolf – The global business consulting firm uses gamification internally to ensure that employees are actively involved in building the company’s brand. Bluewolf offers workers a variety of rewards for both internal and external collaboration, such as publishing a company blog post or engaging with potential customers on social media.
  • Xerox: According to InformationWeek, the company “is using game mechanics in a variety of ways, including management training. For example, within the Stepping Up application, the user must apply learned skills in on-the-job activities called Quests. Quests often can be conducted with other gamers, driving social interaction. Through integration with Yammer, users’ progress is noted on the Yammer site, adding another level of social interaction.”
  • Nissan Carwings – Gamification can also be used in consumer applications. The Nissan Carwings program was created for the Leaf, Nissan’s fully-electric car.  It allows owners to compare their performance metrics with other local drivers to earn rewards and medals.

What is CROWN?

CROWN is a Gamification & Learning Management System platform built entirely on Office 365 that allows companies of all sizes to use the power of Microsoft’s cloud-based tools to encourage learning.

Gamification Scenarios

Below are just a few of the ways some of our clients are using CROWN in their businesses. While the possibilities are nearly endless, these should give you an idea of how you can leverage this system to better your organization.

Employee Learning

Boost learning engagement by offering a training platform that your employees will actually use and enjoy, bolstered with real rewards and a bit of healthy competition.

Compliance & Regulatory Training

 Compliance and regulatory training can be a pretty dry activity, but it is absolutely necessary in many industries. Step your programs up a notch by tying compliance and regulatory modules to tangible rewards with CROWN’s Learning Management System.

New Employee Onboarding

Ensure that new employees aren’t left “alone on an island,” by offering a fun, professional, training platform that gets new hires up to speed with gamification.

Improve Sales Presentations and Closing Numbers

Do you have a sales team that is struggling to stay on message during presentations? If so, CROWN makes all of your sales material available at any time, from any device. Your employees can brush up on your company’s message in an instant, and be rewarded or acknowledged for doing so.

Questions to ask about your current training platforms?

If you’re looking to improve how your employees are trained, as yourself the following questions to help you decide whether your current platform is working:

Am I still tracking my company’s learning through spreadsheets?

If you’re still using spreadsheets to keep track of training, you’re likely missing out on key metrics and engagement opportunities that come with a fully-integrated and automated learning platform.

Do my current learning tools fully inspire my team?

Even if you have a basic training program in place, is it successfully engaging your team? Are your employees actually using it to better their skills? Do they enjoy using it? If not, it’s time to turn to a solution like CROWN.

Am I forcing my co-workers to sign into another platform to access our learning system?

Multiple logins are a pain for employees and create significant security risks for companies. CROWN works with Office 365 and utilizes Single-Sign-On to ensure that your workers can utilize their Office credentials to access your learning platform.

Can my coworkers access learning tools and courses from any device?

CROWN supports every type of mobile device, including all major smartphones and tablets. This compatibility allows your employees to access your training materials from literally anywhere.

Why am I not utilizing Office 365, our company’s flagship collaboration and communication tool, to promote learning within our organization?

That’s a good question! With CROWN you’ll be able to leverage the power of Office 365 to better train your employees, regardless of their location.

Ready to give CROWN a try?

If your current learning platform is not really a “platform,” but more of a hodgepodge of spreadsheets, documents, and multiple log-ins, it’s time to give CROWN a try. Our versatile Gamification and Learning Management System will improve your engagement with employees while making them better at their jobs.

For more information on CROWN from MessageOps, check out our latest video , visit the CROWN webpage at and give our team a call today at 877-788-1617 to schedule a one-on-one demo.

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