MediaAgility is a new paradigm cloud solutions company headquartered in the beautiful university town of Princeton New Jersey. They have operations in the US, UK, India and Singapore. MediaAgility has helped over 150 clients across 9 countries to migrate to the cloud and build innovative solutions. MediaAgility has recently abolished the entire practice of annual performance appraisals and has instead adopted a more agile process that gives the responsibility of performance management to employee.

Number of Employees: 140 as of October 2013

7Geese customer since: March 2012


“7Geese has helped us implement a goal­oriented culture aligned with the key company goals. It is also helping us spread the culture of peer recognition and feedback. With this foundation we are now working on the holy grail of performance management ­ abolish the traditional appraisal process. “ — Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO

Problems encountered and how 7Geese helps solve them:

MediaAgility needed a way to align employees to the company objectives:

  • MediaAgility was growing rapidly and was in need of a way to align individuals and teams to the company objectives. The company decided to roll out Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and use 7Geese to track them. MediaAgility adopted a top­down goal setting approach by ensuring that all individuals and teams were made aware of how they could contribute in achieving the company objectives. This kind of alignment gave every employee a sense of belongingness within the company and ensured their readiness to adopt 7Geese.

  • 7Geese now works as a centralized and transparent performance management system where MediaAgility employees could set quarterly OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and check­in their progress periodically, all done in a public and social environment. OKRs are set based on the specific criteria that could be used to easily assess them, i.e. the criteria of SMART goals (stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). SMART goal setting technique, in conjunction with 7Geese OKR system, gives meaning and clarity to what an employee wants achieve and how it can be achieved. This helps employees get a clear vision of what they are aiming for, without any ambiguity.

MediaAgility needed a way to strengthen company culture and recognize employees who exhibited company core values

  • MediaAgility’s rich culture is based on our shared values of Accountability, Goal­orientation, Integrity, Learning and Enterprising spirit. MediaAgility wanted an easy way to make their company core values visible without it being a plaque on the wall.

  • MediaAgility decided to rollout an employee recognition program using 7Geese that is based on company core values. Frequency of recognition is a key factor in its effectiveness and 7Geese enables employees to be recognized frequently and in a timely manner. With this value­based recognition system, employees’ understanding of company’s core values has increased and resulted in employees getting a strong grasp on the company’s core purpose.

  • Employees are encouraged to not just recognize their peers with a badge describing their core value but to also write a behaviour­based description on how the peer exhibited the core value. Implementation of the values and behaviour­based recognition acts as a positive reinforcement for the behaviours MediaAgility wants from its employees.

MediaAgility needed a way to track 1­on­1 discussions with employees

  • MediaAgility wanted all managers to do 1­on­1s and wanted these discussions to be tracked, recorded, and reportable. They wanted to have a structure where managers touched base with employees every quarter and covered a few key topics with employees. MediaAgility decided to use the 7Geese 1­on­1 feature to solve this problem.

  • The 1­on­1s feature with its employee­focused discussion points provides both the manager and the employee a format to share their ideas, achievements, improvement areas, and career advancement opportunities. 1­on­1s are structured in a way that employees get an open platform to voice their opinion. Managers can also use this platform to ask for feedback on their own performance and how they can better support their reports. The 1:1 sessions acts as regular “reality check” for both the employees and their managers and it enforces alignment of employee goals with those of the company.

  • The different features of the 7Geese 1­on­1s such as previous sessions and recent achievements helps managers and employees keep a track of what was discussed in the last 1:1 coaching sessions and how the employee has performed on the action plan made. This data­driven approach gives employees the confidence that their contributions are being tracked and they are being supported by the organization to succeed.

MediaAgility needed way to eliminate traditional performance reviews

  • MediaAgility wanted to get away from traditional reviews as employees and managers disliked those processes. MediaAgility decided to employ the 7Geese platform to eliminate the traditional reviews.

Using the OKRs, recognition, feedback, and 1­on­1s data, MediaAgility has eliminated most of need for traditional performance reviews with the exception of compensation decisions. For making compensation decisions, MediaAgility has combine performance based promotion with market salary data based on skills and experience. 7Geese works as a Social Performance Management tool that makes recognition, feedback, and alignment to company objectives a continuous process. This has resulted in an increase in our employee engagement and company performance.7