The ever-increasing competition among the best mobile application and websites developers has rapidly evolve the industry and made the market tense. That is why there is a lot of options to choose from and use. To stand out from the huge crowd and give your mobile app development/ Android, iOS a huge boost; you need to develop a cutting edge app that delight users, and sometimes, aggressively use some of the very important hacks outlined and discussed on this page to promote it.

In this article, you will explore 8 mobile retention and website's page hacks. Without further ado, it is time to dig in and discuss mobile app development/ Android, iOS and website's page outstanding hacks in details.

Mobile App Retention Hacks

1. Integrate your app with social media platforms.

It is a must to add your app to social media platforms such as Facebook. It will easily give you access to millions, if not billions of users already on social media platforms. In Facebook alone, there are 2.38 billion active users monthly worldwide. You cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity.

2. Activity-based incentives.

It is very easy to get the support of your customers to spread the word out to loved ones and acquaintances, especially if you offer incentives. They will be willing to give word-of-mouth positive reviews of your products and encourage others to get on board. This is indispensable and should be incorporated into your mobile app development/ Android, iOS strategies, especially when you have created a good app. The truth is, you can ask them to invite their contacts to your app without incentives, and most of them will be willing to do it. But with incentives, it is much better and effective.

3. Make your apps available on all the right channels, both online and offline.

There are lots of cost-effective digital channels you can use to promote your app. Exploit any opportunity that will expose your app on a positive light.

Website's Page Hacks

As you may already know, page engagement is a key recipe for improving websites sales. It is an important factor determining the ranking and success of your site because it is the crucial first step in the conversion process. That's why it is as important as visibility in search engines. Also, it boost your SEO rankings and increase awareness of your brand.

That being said, let's discuss how you can improve your website's page engagement with these simple hack.

1) Make your site user-friendly even if your mobile app development/ Android, iOS plan is efficient.

This is one of the major reasons why websites have a high bounce rate. Also, it is one of the most obvious solutions to the problem. Sites that are not user-friendly will experience a continuous decline in page engagement.

So it is an error to lump thing haphazardly and expect visitors to sieve through the mess you've made on your site. It does not work that way. Rather, what visitors will almost do is to leave and bounce back to search results after viewing the first page of your site - the homepage for few seconds! And you will experience a bounce rate of 56 - 70 percent or higher. It shows that something is really wrong, right?

That's why the first thing to look out for is whether your site is user-friendly. If it is, then you should move to the next on this list. However, if you are not sure, it is good to get a second opinion - a professional opinion. But make sure all or most of the information in your site is not lumped on the homepage . This will make navigation through the information on the page difficult. So take the time to design the site for lazy visitors too.

2) Make your website mobile-friendly.

In 2018, according to Statista, 52.2 percent of all global site traffic comes from mobile phones. It clearly shows that a great percentage of internet users access the internet through their mobile devices.

It would be a huge mistake if your website isn't user-friendly. That's why you need to very responsive across all devices. And since these devices use mobile apps, your mobile app development/ Android, iOS strategies need to be superb.

3) Check the site for technical errors

This is a common problem - irresponsive sites. That's because many site owners aren't aware that their sites have technical errors. So check if your site has broken images, 404 page not found, or broken links by running scheduled diagnostics. In fact, you should schedule it from time to time to make sure this NEVER happened.

4) Improve site speed and never undermine your mobile app development/ Android, iOS concept.

Visitors to a site always appreciate sites that load much faster. That's because they aren't patient. Myriad of visitors, especially first-time visitors, don't wait for more than four seconds for a site to load before clicking off, according to a report. This shows that your site shouldn't take too much time to load. This is not the case with apps, they load way much faster but don't undermine anything.

Choose a better web hosting and web design, including images by top software companies. Incorporate a clear and well organized linking structure because these affect the loading speed of pages on your site. In addition to this, you can conduct a page speed test using free tools like Pingdom. Do it right and it will load faster.

5) Create lots of high-quality content

It is a fact that great contents rule the online sphere. Don't take "content is king" rhetoric likely. It's not outdated. The truth is, you cannot underestimate the importance of regular high-quality content. In the end, your brand will be known for dashing out high-quality articles and professional blog posts.

Everybody will thank you for it. In fact, it will be a win-win situation for everyone - visitors are happy which leads to more page engagement.

Final Thoughts

In all, engagement is crucial to the success of your app and site. For your app, it is not enough to just publish it on app stores anymore. In fact, there need to be significant change in your mobile app development/ Android, iOS strategies from the start. And make the necessary changes to it as you progress to increase its effectiveness. And for websites, page engagement cannot be underestimated to the success of your website. you need to put in the effort required in the post-development stage to increase its traffic and lower the website's bounce rate exponentially by using these hacks discussed on here.