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WANSE Velvet love seat


  • The color purple denotes royalty and is thus associated with luxury and creativity.
  • Purple furniture is the fun way to create a space that inspires you every day.
  • We rounded up 8 pieces of purple furniture you can find on Amazon, with a range of shades and price points included.
  • If you're looking for more color options, check out these orange, green, or neutral pieces of furniture all available on Amazon.

The way you decorate your home has a big impact on how you feel as you go about your day-to-day life. If you're looking to stay creative, think about incorporating purple in your space. Purple exudes elegance, sophistication, and drama. Dark purples often give off a regal feel, while brighter shades like violet brings a more creative, modern feel.

Like any color, it can be polarizing; some people find the color to be gloomy. Done right, purple can really make your space look luxe, even when on a budget. If you love a purple moment, you're in the right place. We rounded up 8 unique pieces of purple furniture in all different shades of the color. Whether your style is modern, farmhouse chic, or minimalist, we have something for you. Keep reading to find our picks.

A traditional storage bench
Iconic Home Marcus bench


Iconic Home Marcus Tufted Storage Bench, $297

This traditional tufted style gets a fresh twist with plum velvet upholstery. It's elegant, comfortable, and has plenty of secret storage space.

A set of dining chairs
Vecelo dining chairs


Vecelo Dining Chairs, set of 4, $173

These mid-century style chairs bring a streamlined, modern feel to your dining room. While small, they're super sturdy.

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A cozy accent chair
Jennifer Taylor accent chair


Jennifer Taylor Katherine Tufted Accent Chair, $435

This beautiful lavender color gives off French country vibes, especially when paired with muted colors, light-washed woods, and gold accessories.

A fabric office chair
Steelcase Leap Office Chair


Steelcase Leap Office Chair, $1,036

Treat your back to an ergonomic office chair that'll make working long hours a lot more comfortable. This rich eggplant color almost feels like a neutral, so it'll go with all sorts of decor.

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A bright purple loveseat
WANSE Velvet love seat


Wanse Velvet Loveseat, $340

Make a statement in your living room with this bright eggplant loveseat. It can seat three people comfortably.

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A big sectional
Iconic Home Sectional


Iconic Home Da Vinci Velvet Sectional, $1,507

Deep purple velvet, silver nailhead trim, and tufted upholstery make for an elegant seating area.

A retro chair
Comfort Chair purple chair


Comfort Chair Fabric Accent Chair, $245

This funky-shaped chair feels fit for a retro 70's living room, and we're here for it.

A versatile storage ottoman
Sorbus ottoman


Sorbus Storage Ottoman, $36

This faux suede ottoman is more than just that; it also functions as a coffee table, storage unit, bench, or really whatever you want it to be.

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