Adobe has launched the largest cross-media advertising campaign fulfilled solely through a programmatic platform. The “Experience Business” campaign rolled out across the US, UK and Germany.

According to a press release by Adobe, the campaign was purchased fully programmatically through the Adobe Advertising Cloud. Adobe has been using the Cloud to improve media investments and address programmatic needs. The release said:

The campaign emphasizes Adobe’s belief that deep intelligence and amazing design are fundamental to creating compelling experiences that help brands stand out. Participating brands include Caesar’s Entertainment, Carnival Corporation, Franke Group, Holland America Line, Pandora, Princess Cruises, Sydney Opera House, UBS and T-Mobile. The initial rollout is planned for the U.S., U.K. and Germany starting November 13.

The campaign comes at a time when Adobe is trying to revive programmatic’s image. Recently, some marketers have questioned the effectiveness of programmatic ads – mostly due to the lack of control over where ads are placed. Some brands have found their ads appearing alongside offensive content and they fear that their reputation may suffer.

The Adobe campaign aims to show that programmatic ads can be delivered at a much greater scale.

Alex Amado, VP, Experience Marketing, Adobe, explains:

“Today’s most successful brands focus their energy on delivering a consistent, unified experience through many different channels. We’re using this all-programmatic approach because we can now effectively target this audience by analyzing their behaviors and actions online to deliver a more relevant, personalized experience across every touchpoint.”

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