monster hunter rise pets bannerDuring the Monster Hunter Digital Event yesterday, Capcom announced that they will be offering a free Monster Hunter Rise demo starting today until January 31st. The demo will be available as a free download on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop and will give players throughout the world their first taste of the next game in the Monster Hunter franchise.

The demo will include several game modes and quests including Training, Wyvern Riding, the Great Izuchi beginner quest, and the Mizutsune intermediate quest. Players will also have access to all 14 weapon types and will have the choice to play solo or with up to three other players through local and online multiplayer.

Note that the demo will only limit players to a total of 30 attempts that will be shared between the beginner and intermediate quests. Training and Wyvern Riding will not count against the 30-quest limit but will be inaccessible once the limit is reached.

Capcom also revealed a new monster that will be making its debut in Monster Hunter Rise – the icy Goss Harag.

“This fanged beast will send a chill down hunters’ spines, as he roams through snowy fields in search of new prey and attacks using blades of ice. Goss Harag is right at home in the Frost Islands, a new snow-capped and windswept locale that was once the nesting grounds for large dragons, who only the bravest hunters would attempt to slay.”

Other iconic monster from the series will also be returning in Monster Hunter Rise, including Barioth, Great Baggi, Khezu, Lagombi, Mizutsune, and Tigrex. Stay tuned for more details on other new and returning monsters.

Capcom also unveiled three new trailers during the event. You can check those out right after the jump. More information can also be found on the Monster Hunter Rise official site.

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