These are the most funded tech sectors in the past 3 years.

Photo by Joshua Earle via Unsplash

In 2009, Businessweek and Quid (formerly YouNoodle) put together a list of 50 promising startups that were under the radar. Recently, this spring, they revisited that list to see which ones succeeded. While many are now shuttered, the most successful ones — Cloudera, Palantir, Evernote, Twitch and Spotify — have increased 30x in value in the past 8 years.

Quid has updated its findings for 2017 and the latest startup industries attracting funding have shifted dramatically in the past decade. Online security, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving (including image recognition and mapping technologies), augmented reality, smart sensors, drones, EdTech and health lead the way. Check out this video our team’s put together to summarize for you:

Back in 2010, gaming companies attracted over $1 billion in investment and even as recent as 2015, e-commerce was still a big player. But now technologies like Apple’s ARKit / iOS 11 for AR and TensorFlow for machine learning are opening a new realm of possibility for everything Pokemon Go for consumers to collaborative filtering for sales predictions.

Brainstorming your next product idea? Check out how one of our clients used machine learning to do image classification to help their sales team recommend relevant stock to potential clients.

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