Give it a fry.
Give it a fry. (Depositphotos/)

It’s no secret that frying is one of the most delicious ways we humans know how to prepare poultry. It’s fast, which makes it a great way to cook large quantities of food for parties and large gatherings, and it introduces delicious fats, providing a flavor that indicates the presence of higher calories—something our taste buds have evolved to love. The next time you’re pondering a turkey for your upcoming family meal, consider frying it instead of baking it: it’s guaranteed to be a hit, and you can even use the same fryer to prepare other family-sized meals when turkey’s not on the menu. Here’s a guide to frying your turkey without accidentally causing an explosion or fire.

Below, some of our favorite turkey fryers currently available.

A whole fry-it-yourself kit.
A whole fry-it-yourself kit. (Amazon/)

This turkey fryer from Chard is a package deal that includes a 30-quart aluminum stock pot, a cast-iron tripod with a 50,000-BTU gas burner, and a meat thermometer. Perfect for tailgating and outdoor parties, hook up the burner to any propane tank, fill the stock pot with fry oil of your choosing and prop up your bird of choice with the included poultry stand to keep it secure during the cooking process. This unit has more than enough room to spare, making it great for preparing soups, broths, and other dishes, too.

Commercial quality and dishwasher-safe.
Commercial quality and dishwasher-safe. (Amazon/)

Deep-fry anything you can dream of up to the size of a whole turkey with this XL electric fryer from Masterbuilt. It accommodates 10 liters of oil for frying or water for boiling, and the basket accommodates up to a 20-pound turkey. Throw some crab legs in the basket for a seafood boil, or fry up to 5 pounds of wings. This fryer uses dishwasher-safe components and includes a magnetic breakaway cord to prevent any unfortunate tripping mishaps.

A motorized rotisserie deep fryer that uses less oil.
A motorized rotisserie deep fryer that uses less oil. (Amazon/)

This Cuisinart fryer is a twist on the traditional deeper, using a rotisserie function to rotate your turkey and cook it in less oil than a normal fryer requires. The compartment accommodates birds up to 14 pounds and the cooker itself includes a 120-minute timer and a temperature control that’s handy for adjusting depending on the specific dish you’re preparing. Use the included rotisserie basket to keep your turkey snug as it turns or the included mesh basket for preparing steamed items.