Did a full set today. Including the druidic components ahead of time, it took… an hour.  I got my tai chi forms to happen really quite nicely and slowly.  The procedure?

  • Two tai chi forms, not particularly slow, no real focus
  • Twenty-five push-ups
  • Two tai chi forms, reasonably slowly, focus on outward and downward movements
  • Qi Gong form, Five Golden Coins
  • Two tai chi forms, focus on inward and splitting movements
  • Qi Gong form, Eight Pieces of SIlk
  • Two tai chi forms, fairly slow, focus on breathwork

I feel great.  I also feel like I’ve pushed free of some miasma or internal mindset that was holding me back. But that’s just it: tomorrow the miasma or accidie may be back.  I note that the link I just installed dates back roughly a year and a month or so; in other words, we wrestle with some of the same challenges on roughly a schedule.  Right now is a time for self-doubt and accidie, apparently.

Speaking of links, there’s a link from Gordon’s recent blog post that I think is worth reading. Actually, there are several; this article about how Google might consciously or accidentally fix the 2016 election is worth considering; and this article about blogging and the new internet by a guy who blogged in Iran is also worth reading. I met a guy named Mike who’s getting his website up and running, who reminds us that you can’t really hire a hacker. And Sam designed/reconstructed an initiatory formula called the Howl of Orpheus.

I think part of the reason why the World Wide Web is dying, is that people forgot how to build links.  They’re not particularly hard, but they do require effort to follow through. And so I think I’m going to start posting more links, to the projects and programs I’m doing, and the tutorials I’m following, if only to keep the life support going for a little while longer.