This book contains JAVASCIPT BASICS AND JAVASCRIPT coding exercises for beginners. It’s useful Job interviews and college examinations.
This book only for absolute beginners.

Introduction to Javascript
Javascript: Hello world program
Javascript: Variables
Javascript: Statements
Javascript: comments
JavaScript: Types
Javascript: operators
Javascript: Arithmetic Operators
Javascript: Increment/decrement: ++, — operators
Javascript: Bitwise operators
JavaScript: Logical operators
JavaScript: Assignment operators
JavaScript: Compound Assignment operator
Javascript: Ternary operator
JavaScript: Working with boolean values
JavaScript: Decision Making: if, if-then
Javascript: if-else-if-else ladder
JavaScript: Decision making using switch statement
JavaScript: loops
JavaScript: do-while loop
JavaScript: for loop
JavaScript: break statement
JavaScript: continue statement
JavaScript: break in label form
JavaScript: for in loop
JavaScript: for-of loop
JavaScript: get the type of variable
JavaScript: Working with strings
JavaScript: Nested functions
JavaScript: Array
JavaScript: Introduction to Classes
JavaScript: Define class using class expressions
Display the current day and time
Print the contents
Display the current date
Find the area of a triangle
Check whether a given year is a leap year
Calculate multiplication and division
Convert temperatures
Find the largest
Reverse a given string
Replace every character
Capitalize The First Letter
Convert number to hours and minutes
Count vowels in a given string
Create a new string
Concatenate two strings
Move last three character
Compute the sum
Add two digits
Check whether a given year is a leap
Check given positive number
Check a string starts with ‘Java’
Check two given integer values
Find a value which is nearest to 100