Welcome to Low Poly Arsenal! This low-poly styled pack contains 9 sets of 8 weapons each: 1 bow, 1 dagger, 1 sword, 1 axe, 1 mace, 1 hammer, 1 war axe and 1 greatsword. This totals a whooping 72 unique weapons (and 1 arrow) for you to play around with and use in your Game project!

All weapons come with an Albedo map, a Specular Intensity map and an Ambient Occlusion map, all textures are 2048 by 2048. All meshes are also properly UV mapped, so you can edit textures to your heart's contempt (gradients, anyone?).

All weapons also come with a standarized Box Collider (all Greatswords share a single collider, this enables all Greatswords to have similar collisions and behave identically). That way you only have to worry about 1 collider instead of 9!

Bows are also animated:
- Full Loop.
- Draw Animation.
- Hold Animation.
- Fire Animation.
- Idle Animation.

A demo Scene is included, where all the weapons are displayed, and bows' animation can be toggled on and off.

Price $20.00