In this recent article by Jason Lemkin he discusses that scaling your customer success team in $2 million ARR batches is the way to go. He illustrates how you can switchover from a reactive to proactive approach based on the number of accounts each $2 million represents.

On the lower end of the spectrum (reactive) he suggests having a reactive, customer support-type approach, whereas on the upper end of the spectrum (proactive) where CSMs could be managing 5-10 giant deals that make up the $2 million ARR to handle those proactive. They’re the ones you want to “get on a jet to visit those customers, twice a year”.

I agree with the need to divvy up the deals among the available Customer Success resources, but customer success teams should still be proactive even at very large volume of customers. That being said, many folks imagine it’s a very manual process. Having the right technologies and tools will let them know which customers need attention (based on health, usage, behaviors) and why.

The right technologies could help point out the list of accounts to focus on that day – a drop in activity, a decline in health, or someone looking around in the knowledge. It is possible to gather the right information at your fingertips, taking out most of the guesswork, so why shouldn’t a proactive approach be available at any level?

What are your thoughts on providing proactive engagement at all levels?