Later today, Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson is joining the TechCrunch crew for a live Q&A.

The discussion is part of our Extra Crunch Live series that has been live for the last several months. It’s been a good run, with guests like Charles Hudson, Sydney Sykes and Mark Cuban. We’ve also had entrepreneurs swing by, including one of the founders of Plaid.

But it’s about time we added Lawson to the mix as he’s in a slightly different spot than most guests to date, namely, he’s the CEO of multibillion dollar public company. Mostly at TechCrunch we talk to the founders and financiers of the private companies that might go public someday.

As we wrote last week, we plan to talk to Lawson about a number of things, including the rising popularity of API-focused startups in recent quarters and how it feels to see companies calling themselves the “Twilio for X.” But since we announced the chat, the world has changed a bit, so we have a few new things we want to throw at the CEO.

Such as, how can he tell when it’s the right time to go public, and what are the best ways to balance growth and deficits when public markets value revenue so highly? Yesterday a host of tech companies filed to go public, so we’ll get Lawson’s take on their decision to pull the trigger today, during a pandemic, recession and election year.

We’ll also riff on taking a big company remote and find out what he thinks about heading back to the office. We’re also taking audience questions, so get prepped for the afternoon. Details follow for Extra Crunch members. If you haven’t done so yet, sign up today so you can join the conversation.

Zoom and YouTube links after the jump, along with calendar notes so you won’t forget. Chat soon!