What’s the purpose of your content? If you don’t have an answer, you don’t have a strategy. Purposeless content won’t resonate. Align your content strategy with a marketing objective tied to a consumer need. This is your purpose.

Purpose-driven content with utility was a resounding theme at Content Marketing World 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. Robert Rose, chief strategist for the Content Marketing Institute, presented four models of content creation: the promoter, the preacher, the professor, and the poet. Each role is associated with a distinct purpose propelling the content creation process.

You can’t do it all. Identify a singular objective to ground your strategy. Whether you’re aiming to drive sales, build engagement, establish thought leadership, or create emotional connections, select your purpose and stick with it.Promoter1.jpg

The promoter targets consumer needs and wants to drive commitment. A promotional content strategy has your bottom line at its heart. The end goal is conversion.

Although the promoter’s purpose is rooted in profit, the content must offer value to the consumer. Without significant utility, your content cannot effectively push your message.


The preacher strives to build engagement through content discovery. By preaching a meaningful message, your content will engage consumers and increase brand awareness.

Engagement with your content is engagement with your brand. Produce content that facilitates discovery and provides answers.Professor1.jpg

The professor appeals to consumer passions to develop interest. Satisfy your audience’s intellectual cravings with your content.

Teaching a relevant topic creates trust. Thought leadership content positions your brand as a reliable resource. Connect with passion, and you’re on your way to a relationship.Poet1.jpg

The poet tells stories that stir consumer emotions. Poetic content elicits feelings to foster an emotional connection with your brand. Storytelling allows you to relate to consumers on a personal level.

The promoter, the preacher, the professor, and the poet are four strategic models of purpose-driven content. Identify your underlying purpose to center your content strategy and measure success. The “why” must precede the “how.”

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