Mobile programmatic ad solutions provider, Matomy Media Group, recently unveiled Autopilot, a new mediation tool for its MobFox advertising platform. The addition lets app publishers automatically optimise their campaigns across various DSPs as well as advertising networks.

MobFox is Matomy’s mobile programmatic ad platform



Michael Ionita-Ganea, Director of Technology, MobFox, explains:

michael ganea

“Matomy’s MobFox is proud to introduce a system that for the first time automates this labour intensive task while increasing revenues and decreasing inefficiencies – at no extra charge. We built this product with one main goal in mind, to give publishers a smarter way to manage their traffic.”

Autopilot aims to help app developers manage demand sources across large exchanges and networks. Using proprietary technology, reports are automatically pulled and traffic allocation is adjusted accordingly. Campaigns are streamlined at the same time. Currently, the solution supports banners as well as interstitials with video as well as video, native and rich media.

Noam Neumann, Head of Mobile Strategy, Matomy, adds:


“Publishers spend most of their days evaluating various servers and dashboards in order to increase their revenue. They are tasked with balancing between exchanges, countries, demographics, hours of the day, placements and ad formats, all in the hope that they will achieve the best revenue potential. This can take up the majority of an individual, if not a full team’s day. The industry is ripe for a solution, and Autopilot is just that. Our goal is to see publishers get the most out of their hard earned mobile ad inventory.”

Late last year, Matomy acquired programmatic video advertising firm, Optimatic, in order to strengthen its programmatic video services.

Find out more about Matomy’s new automatic optimisation feature here.

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