The Java Community Process upgrades to version 2.5

November 1 — The updated Java Community Process (JCP) enables the participation of a wider variety of contributors and increases the process's flexibility in approving compatible Java implementations. The new process gives equal standing to all Java community participants, enabling them to implement compatible Java specifications under a license of their own choosing, including open source licenses.

TowerJ receives J2SE 1.4 boost

November 1 — Tower Technology has released TowerJ release 4.0 for Linux server platforms. The new version of Tower's J2EE-certified compiler features Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4 support and a new just-in-time compiler.

Sun adds Web services tools to app server

November 1 — Sun Microsystems has updated the Platform and Standard editions of its Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) Application Server 7 with a set of Web services tools, the Sun ONE Studio for Java, Enterprise Edition 4.1. In addition, the Platform Edition is now available free of charge.

Alcea enhances change management tool

November 1 — Fast BugTrack 3 is now available from Alcea Technologies. The latest release of this Java-based change management solution features anonymous entry/auery support, anonymous mail retrieval, configurable filters, and more.

MKS announces support for Together ControlCenter

November 1 — MKS has integrated support for the Together ControlCenter 6.0, a software modeling tool, into MKS's Java-based software configuration management tool, MKS Source Integrity Enterprise Edition 8.3. MKS has also updated Source Integrity integrations for IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0 and WebSphere Studio Site Developer 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, and Sybase PowerBuilder 8.02.

Resonate updates Central Dispatch with Sun ONE Application Server 7

November 1 — Resonate has added support for the Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) Application Server 7 to its application performance and traffic management tool. Resonate Central Dispatch can now manage traffic for the latest version of Sun's app server.

Flashline enhances CMEE

October 25 — Flashline has updated its CMEE product to version 3.2. Based on J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition), the software asset reuse solution supports asset-centric collaboration among developers, deeper integration with existing development environments, and streamlined asset management tasks.

Inspire IT updates UDDI client technology

October 25 — The Early Access 3 version of Inspire IT's UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) library is now available. The Java-based technology now supports UDDI 3.0 messaging and UDDI versions 1.0 and 2.0.

Isocra livens J2EE application performance

October 25 — Isocra has introduced livestore, a transparent JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) data cache. livestore holds data local to the application server, which eliminates network round-trips for fetching data from a physical database.

Koalog launches code coverage computation application

October 25 — Written in Java, Koalog Code Coverage 1.0 features in-process or remote coverage computation, predefined or custom report generation, and Ant integration. The application also includes the ability to work directly on Java binaries.

PolarLake introduces enterprise integration solution

October 18 — PolarLake has released PolarLake Database Integrator, a tool for integrating XML with relational databases. The integrator features a runtime server and graphical wizards that allow users to map between existing data and XML or SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) documents.

Wily Technology extends Introscope to WebSphere

October 18 — Wily Technology's Introscope PowerPack for IBM WebSphere for z/OS and OS/390 integrates Introscope's ability to monitor the performance of production J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) components in realtime with WebSphere-specific measurements. The tool offers instant component-level monitoring of WebSphere, including JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) connection pools, HTTP sessions, and servlet threads.

Netcoole updates J-ASP

October 18 — J-ASP from Netcoole converts Active Server Pages (ASPs) to JavaSever Pages (JSPs) or servlets. Version 2.2 features XML DOM (Document Object Model), JMail, POP3Mail, and more.

QFS launches UI testing tool

October 11 — qftestJUI is a tool for automating Java user interface (UI) tests. Developed by Quality First Software (QFS), qftestJUI manages the creation and execution of automated tests for Java/Swing applications with a graphical user interface.

Bowstreet adds WebSphere support

October 11 — Bowstreet has integrated Bowstreet Portlet Factory with IBM WebSphere Portal Server. The Bowstreet Portlet Factory for IBM WebSphere helps developers create J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) portlets for IBM WebSphere Portal Server.

McGraw-Hill Osborne Media releases J2EE books

October 11 — In Hacking Exposed J2EE & Java, authors Art Taylor, Brian Buege, and Randy Layman demonstrate how to design a security strategy for multitiered J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) architectures, and how to create applications that proactively defend against malicious users, content manipulation, and other attacks. J2EE: The Complete Reference by Jim Keogh covers the J2EE APIs, including servlets, JavaServer Pages, Enterprise JavaBeans, and XML.

CipherSoft adds JSPs to Exodus

October 11 — CipherSoft has updated its Exodus conversion product to 4.0. The tool allows Oracle users to convert Oracle Forms and PL/SQL to a Java environment. The latest version produces JavaServer Pages (JSPs).

exe4j integrates Java apps with Windows

October 11 — ej-technologies has introduced exe4j, a Java exe maker that allows developers to start their Java applications in a Windows environment. The tool detects appropriate Java Runtime Environments on startup, features a configurable native splash screen that gives feedback to Java users, compiles GUI (graphical user interface) or console applications, and more.

Blaze Advisor receives upgrade

October 11 — Fair, Isaac and Company have released version 4.5 of its rules management technology. Blaze Advisor 4.5 includes faster batch processing options, easier business-level maintenance using decision tables, extended Java support, and user interface enhancements.

Crediware updates Java GUI tool

October 11 — CredibleXML 1.5, a Java development GUI (graphical user interface) tool from Crediware that automatically generates Java libraries to parse non-XML data into XML trees, is now available. The tool lets Java developers work with any structured data format using standard XML parsing tools and convert other data formats to XML.

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