We got a chance to check out the Elephone S8 earlier this year and we were more than impressed with this phone. The S8 is all about the display, with a 2K screen at 6″ in size, this phone pushes the boundaries for what you can expect in a budget device.

Today you have the chance to get the Elephone S8 in a limited edition red color. Check out our hands-on video, and see images of the new red color below.

CPU Helio X25 Deca core 2.5GHz
Display 6.0 inch 2560 x 1440
Camera 21MP rear, 8MP front
Battery 4000mAh
OS Android 7.1.1
Price $259

The Elephone S8 has a solid build while accommodating a large bezel-less display.

The red color looks great with the slick and shiny design on this phone.

ELEPHONE went through over 100 different designs to find the perfect red color for the S8. This lead them to this amazing gem-like color which will be available for a limited time.

Don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order this phone for only $259 at Gearbest.

You can also get the black or blue models at a $10 discount using this code.

Code: ElepS8

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