Poji Back Core Support Belt We all want a well-honed, strong core (abdominal and lower back muscles) that will see us through our everyday lives or sporting activities. If you don't one yet, the next best thing is the Poji Back Core Support Belt, a simple wearable accessory whose X shape and wide straps will sit underneath your clothes, hold tight the middle part of your body from the buttocks to right below the chest/bust, and, as its name says, will support you and your lumbar through thick and thin. Very easy to use (just tie the straps tight around your body and secure them with the velcro pads) and safe, thanks to the width of the straps and the anti-slip rubber lining, the Poji Back Core Support Belt will be there for you at home, in the office, or at the gym (or even on the golf course, where the turning movements of the waist can be stressful on your back). Feel steadier and supported, whether you are doing sports or daily activities. The set even has an inside pocket where you can insert a heater pack or an ice pack to make things more comfortable. The Poji Back Core Support Belt features: Two sizes: small (chest 60-90cm/24-35", hips 80-100cm/31-39"), medium (chest 80-110cm/31-43", hips 90-120cm/35-47") Anti-slip rubber lining Wide, secure velcro straps Pocket for heater or ice pack Materials: nylon, polyester, cotton, polyurethane Instructions: Japanese

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