When it comes to reaching the right person at the right time, mobile appears to be the new standard in advertising. According to Advertiser Perceptions 2018 Mobile Intelligence Report, 64% of advertisers increased their mobile spend over the past 12 months.

Another two-thirds of marketers also estimate that they would increase their mobile ad expenditure over the coming 12 months.

Unsurprisingly, this move away from desktop toward mobile is driven by increased budget allocation. Arguably, mobile offers a prime opportunity to interact with consumers at all stages throughout the day.

However, the report also revealed that advertisers continue to face many issues. Privacy is a core problem right now. Although efforts have been made by the EU in the form of the GDPR, security breaches may be more common than previously. Brand safety, fraud and viewability are all challenges the mobile ad ecosystem currently battles with. This may require advertisers to think outside of the box.

Meanwhile, video has become a more significant player as budgets have increased (17%). In addition, 62% of advertisers reported using mobile audio ads in 2017, signalling an increase of 13% from 2016. Initially, just 44% of advertisers considered audio important. However, it would appear that hasn’t stopped them from testing the format.

As technologies advance, mobile may offer new opportunities, but also challenges for brands and advertisers.

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