Hello Lovelies,

I was out and about early this morning, walking to the shop to get some sandwich supplies to make packed lunches. What a treat the amazing sunrise was. 

I love that we are blessed with creative souls who add fun things to the streets where I live. The little wooden train planter looked extra nice with such a dramatic backdrop.

The dim light was not the best to photograph this great yarn bomb on the post-box but I think you can get the idea. It's to encourage people to help the hedgehogs. I'm so pleased that nobody has messed with this and it's holding up well after being out in the weather for a couple of months.

The morning was beautiful and I hung out washing....always a treat in November. You can see the fire pit needs putting away. The boys had friends over on Saturday night, to sit around the fire chatting. Eldest has an old wok he cooks haloumi in over the flames. Lagers and nibbles in the dark garden, watching other people's fireworks. Sounds great.

A few posts back I mentioned about my first house. It go me thinking about it and I looked for some photos.

This picture of the kitchen is all I could find. Aww, it might not look much but this seemed like luxury to my 21 year old self. 
Previous to this move I'd been in a shared student house with damp issues and a cellar head kitchen. Do you even know what one of those is? 

It's basically a kitchen built at the top of the stairs down into the cellar. Ours was literally about 4 feet square. It had a tiny cooker and a sink, oh and there was a sort of lift up counter top which also served as a barrier to stop you falling down the stairs if you stepped back from the cooker too far!

 Gosh I bet you think I'm making this up, but I promise  I'm not. So you can see why a new house, with a fitted kitchen was bliss, no matter how small it was....we did have fun the student house though 😂.

I'm a bit fascinated with small space living at the moment. I love watching videos about tiny houses

I'm not sure I would enjoy all aspects of this way of living but some of the spaces are adorable and the people seem to have a great quality of life, free from a large mortgage or expensive rent. 

Just look at this lovely space,  ideal for one person I think. You can see this video HERE

Don't blame me if you fall down a tiny house rabbit hole though 😇.

Did you notice the blanket Ariel is sitting on? Isn't it lovely. Perfect for this calm interior with a limited colour palette, to create a feeling of space.  

I'm always juggling for space here too. Maybe I need better storage solutions, but decluttering is my main ongoing goal. I cleared lots of stuff out of this drawer today (some to donate and some just moved). I had tried having my yarn on a shelf of my bookcase but it kept falling out and looking messy. I'm much happier with this storage.

This afternoon mum and I went for a little drive. We stopped here to admire the view towards the windmill. It's in the centre of the picture with a white cap.

This is the view in the other direction....looking very autumnal now.

I like cows, when they are on the other side of a gate.....hello beauties.

This evening I finally got around to doing something with all the cooking apples I keeping picking up on my walks.

Nothing too imaginative, just several apple crumbles for the freezer, and one for now.

Well that was quite a mixed bag of a post. I hope you found at least some of it interesting lovelies.
Chat tomorrow, all being well.
Jacquie x