Today we have photos from Andreas Kay, a superb  nature photographer who lived in Ecuador and who came to my notice when he rediscovered the frog Atelopus coynei and wrote to inform me in 2012.

Andreas died of brain cancer last October at only 56. Lou Jost, who knew Andreas and now has custody of his massive collection of photos, wrote a memoriam to him that you can read here.  In response to my call for photos, Lou sent some of Andreas’s, which will constitute part of his legacy. Lou’s words are indented:

I am sharing with you some of Andreas Kay’s last photos before he died. It was important to him to expose people to the biodoversity of Ecuador, so he gave me a copy of his hard drive and encouraged me to help spread the photos after his death. There are more than thirty thousand of them.
In this set I include two weevils, a jumping spider, a harvestman with strange green pedipalps, and some treehoppers. I believe all of these were taken in the vicinity of Puyo, in Amazonian Ecuador.









Andreas Kay