A Dockerized tool for sending messages to Microsoft Teams channels

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Microsoft Teams-Notify

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Teams-Notify is a very simple tool for sending a Microsoft Teams notification via a Teams Incoming Webhook.

It is designed to function as a 12-factor app, receiving configuration via environment variables. To keep things simple, it is rigid in what it allows you to set.

Teams Incoming Webhooks

This tool uses Teams Incoming Webhooks to send a message to your teams channel.

Before you can use this tool, you need to log into Microsoft Teams and configure this.


Running teams-notify in a shell prompt goes like this:

$ TEAMS_MESSAGE="hello" teams-notify

Running the Docker container goes like this:

$ docker run -e TEAMS_WEBHOOK=$TEAMS_WEBHOOK -e TEAMS_MESSAGE="hello" torosent/teams-notify

In Brigade

You can easily use this inside of brigade hooks. Here is an example from hello-helm:

const {events, Job} = require("brigadier")

events.on("imagePush", (e, p) => {

  var teams = new Job("teams-notify", "torosent/teams-notify:latest", ["/teams-notify"])

  // This doesn't need access to storage, so skip mounting to speed things up. = false
  teams.env = {
    // It's best to store the teams webhook URL in a project's secrets.
    TEAMS_TITLE: "Message Title",
    TEAMS_MESSAGE: "Message Body",
    TEAMS_COLOR: "#0000ff"

Environment Variables

# The Microsoft Teams self-assigned webhook

# The title of the message
TEAMS_TITLE="Hello World"
# The body of the message
TEAMS_MESSAGE="Today is a fine day"
# RGB color to for message formatting. (Teams determines what is colored by this)

Build It


make bootstrap


make build

Publish to DockerHub

make docker-build docker-push