a far away realm jumping fireballs bannerNewly-founded studio Lava Games has just announced a new online third-person platform shooter called A Far Away Realm. Players take control of one of the game’s zany heroes and fight it out in bouncy slippery maps set in various colorful planets in the game universe.

According to the team, which is made up of former EA, Dice, and Riot Games developers, their vision was to create a light-hearted shooter with serious weaponry that will appeal to both casual and hardcore competitive players.

“The gameplay we want to achieve is ‘learned chaos’, which means a slightly slippery and bouncy character with exaggerated recoil and impact from weapons,” Lava Games Founder Kaya Tilev told PCGamesN.

“Ultimately, we wanted a bouncy map, that can be used as an advantage and create wacky gameplay that can be surprising and getting the right amount of fun versus controlled chaos is a work in process,” they added. “You can think of the feeling like a parody on the Ewok’s battle concluding Return of the Jedi!”

As for how the game will fair in a genre saturated with highly-competitive shooters, Tilev said that, “Our first principle was to make a game that could be played and enjoyed by everyone. Whilst players of competitive games like Overwatch or Fortnite tend to be quite hardcore, we wanted a more light-hearted experience where players must not only battle each other but also win mini objectives via different tactics, such as shooting, teamwork, or using the world’s features to your advantage.”

“There are enough AAA serious shooters out there, we really wanted a game with less serious factor and moments we can laugh about with our friends – A Far Away Realm is a parody of shooters with some platforming.”

Tilev also revealed that they took inspiration from Mario Kart and Fall Guys while also introducing platform elements where players have to focus on completing mini-games instead of their overall kill count.

The game’s first season will feature eight heroes, each with unique abilities. They will also be armed with a variety of small weapons in addition to their existing powers. “This allows us to foster different play styles, as well as teamwork,” said Tilev. “For example, healing your friends using special abilities, or a high-power rainbow blaster that knocks enemies off the map? You can expect to see players flying left and right from a precisely fired area weapon!”

A Far Away Realm is currently in the early stages of development with no release date in sight. Tilev, however, confirmed that the game will be launching on PC and will run several beta tests before the game heads into early access. In the meantime, Alpha signups are now open on the game’s official Discord channel.

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