Editor’s Note: I don’t normally do press releases here on the blog, but I am making an exception on this one for a few reasons:

1. To date, we have yet to see a “freemium” model for a fully baked, enterprise level Community platform. No one has “SurveyMonkeyed” that sector yet. Well, Ramius just changed that. Just as DIY survey platforms were incredibly disruptive to the traditional MR industry by democratizing the ability for virtually anyone, anywhere to field a survey, now Ramius has done the same thing for both MROCs and for many online qualitative research tools that are part and parcel of the Recollective platform.

2. A quick preliminary read of GRIT data indicates that 49% of MR professionals are actively using Communities and an additional 34% are considering their use.  Communities are certainly mainstream and with the entrant of low cost/high quality self service platforms like Recollective into the market I would argue that the sector is now mature. The next stage of growth for MROCs will be in expansion of features and integration with other consumer/centric platforms.

3. There is a special offer to our loyal GreenBook Blog readers. Ramius has not taken this new deal “public” yet; it is first being rolled out to the GreenBook audience.  If you want to check out the free version of Recollective go to www.recollective.com with the private access code ‘greenbook’. 

Here is the press release with more information. I encourage you to check it out and decide for yourself whether this is as potentially game changing as I think it has the potential to be.

Ramius Corporation today announced the private introduction of Recollective On-Demand, a free self-serve version of its innovative Recollective insights platform. Recollective On-Demand provides small and medium sized businesses with tools to engage customers, identify new insights, and inform decision making. Access is being offered to members of the marketing research industry as of today, prior to release to the general public.

As businesses increasingly adopt social media and online communities to understand and engage customers, the ability to target, gather, and use the insights from these interactions is shifting from “nice-to-have” into a strategic business imperative. Historically, because of their complexities and costs, “customer insights communities” were cultivated primarily by sophisticated enterprises with large research budgets. Now, with the introduction of Recollective On-Demand, those barriers have been removed. Recollective helps organizations understand customer motivations and behaviors, study product usage, test marketing concepts, improve services, conceptualize new offerings, and gather feedback instantly. On Recollective, insights communities are quick to build and easy to manage over any timeframe – days, weeks, or years. Organizations of any size can now implement and benefit from a customer insights community to improve their business. The short video below goes over some of the basic ways Recollective can be used.

Recollective On-Demand from Ramius Corporation on Vimeo.

Quantitative surveys have traditionally been the online research tool  most widely relied upon by businesses. Recollective complements those capabilities, providing businesses with an intuitive platform to involve select customers within private, branded communities, where they can be engaged in guided, task-based activities and freeflowing discussions to reveal new, qualitative insights. Participants may use their smartphones, tablets, or computers to respond using text, images, videos, files, ranked lists, or marked up images.

“Ramius is excited to lead the consumerization of a new generation of sophisticated insights tools,” said Alfred Jay, CEO of Ramius. “With the release of Recollective On-Demand, the same core Recollective toolset that leading marketing research agencies and large enterprises have relied on for years to identify new insights are now accessible to all, regardless of size, sophistication, or budget. Whether a business is a one-person operation or a global multinational, if management believes that it can potentially make better decisions by learning more from engaging with customers, then there is benefit in implementing a customer insights community on Recollective.”

 Optimal for businesses to engage customers, insights communities are equally effective for connecting with and gleaning insight from any group of stakeholders. Example groups include employees, partners, directors, investors, members, students, mentors, fans, followers, and citizens. Whether working with experienced market researchers to execute prepared studies, or independently conducting ad hoc queries to their ongoing communities, Recollective users will be able to gain new insights quickly and easily.

“When Ramius first launched Recollective to market researchers in late 2011, it set a new standard for community-based online qualitative research platforms. With the launch of Recollective On-Demand, Ramius is introducing the power of qualitative research and customer communities to an entirely new audience. The move to online qualitative research is already underway in our industry. This accelerates that move, while also expanding the market. It’s extremely exciting for our industry and even more so for the small and medium sized businesses that have never before considered using qualitative research to identify insights,” said Meaghan Willis, Research Director, Northstar Research Partners.

The insights industry is a multibillion dollar market opportunity characterized by several key trends including increasing awareness of the strategic benefit of market research online communities, mobile research, and online qualitative research.

“Recollective has been the best kept secret in the industry, but that is about to change. With its robust and proven feature set, intuitive user experience, free access, and market lead, the new Recollective On-Demand offering could well be the SurveyMonkey of qualitative research tools. Recollective was already an innovative platform. This new consumer offering is absolutely disruptive,” said Leonard Murphy, Chief Editor and Principal Consultant, Greenbook.

Recollective On-Demand is being introduced to the marketing research community in an early release accessible at www.recollective.com with the private access code ‘greenbook’.

Recollective On-Demand is offered alongside Recollective Professional, an edition designed specifically to meet the advanced needs of the world’s leading marketing research agencies and brands. Recollective Professional offers additional and enhanced features, extensive branding options, additional security configurations, and professional services support.



Recollective is an insights platform on which businesses can engage customers to identify new insights to improve and accelerate business execution.  On Recollective, businesses can easily engage customers in structured or unstructured activities within their own private community supported by familiar social features.  Information may be collected, socialized, and analyzed via computer or mobile device and can incorporate text, images, audio, video, files, and rich media exercises.  Delivered as a cloud-based service, Recollective was first released in 2011 as an online community-based qualitative research tool for market researchers.  Since then, Recollective has been implemented by many of the world’s leading marketing research agencies and consumer brands.  Recollective is offered in a range of configurations and languages to meet the needs of consumers, small businesses, market research agencies, and large enterprises. (www.recollective.com)



Ramius Corporation, the developer of Recollective, is an enterprise software company focused on the development, deployment, and support of cloud-based social software for engagement and research. Ramius partners with the world’s leading market researchers to provide them with innovative community-based qualitative research platforms on which people can be engaged for the purpose of identifying new insights to inform decision making. Founded in 1998, Ramius is a privately-held Canadian company based in the Ottawa region.


Contact Information:

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