It is important for every new UX/UI Designer to know the key words of their profession and what they mean, as it can help them understand the value of Design and the mechanics of the design as a craft.

So here I am sharing the list of UX/UI Jargons that every aspiring or new designer should know and learn.

Note: Credits goes to all those people who have written these beautiful blogs to share their knowledge with the world. 👏 👏


📚 📝 UX Terms

UX Pyschology

UX Methods

UX Strategy

Design Process

Design Research

Inclusive Design

Universal Design


Empathy Mapping

Empathy Mapping: The First Step in Design Thinking

User Research

User Interviews

User Interviews: How, When, and Why to Conduct Them

User Journey

Mental Models

User Personas

Affinity Diagram

Affinity Diagramming: Collaboratively Sort UX Findings & Design Ideas

UX Microcopy


Gamification: Understanding The Basics

Dark Patterns

UX Deliverables

The 10 UX Deliverables Top Designers Use


💻 🎨 UI Terms (Visual)

Visual Design

Design System


Information Architecture

UI Icons


Interaction Design

Heuristic Evaluation

Empty states

Empty States? More like You-Have-No-Idea-How-Much-Work-Goes-Into-Those States, amirite??

Motion Design


Why prototyping is a must for designers

App Design

Why 7 seconds could make or break your mobile app


🌎 Other Useful Design Words

Conversational Design (VUI)

AI in UX

Design Documentation

Designing Better Design Documentation

Design Ethics

Soft Skills in Design

Whiteboard Challenges

Practical whiteboarding for UX designers


📘Worth Reading Design Blogs

These are some of the words that I have collected and studied to get into the space of design and I hope this list could also help any other design beginner or any aspiring designer to get into this beautiful space of design.

This is not a complete list of design words, There is always a need of update and I would update this list once I find new words. You can also suggest words that you have studied, I would love to add them into this list.

Thanks for Reading.

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