The International Collegiate Programming Contest, better known as the ICPC, is the ultimate dream of every college going competitive programmer. The contest, which is widely regarded as the Olympics of programming, requires an enviable level of knowledge, experience, and problem-solving skills. Recently, we started a training series called “AIM ICPC” to provide a helping hand and a headstart to all Indian students hoping to crack the ICPC. With hopes of the ICPC World Finals 2020 & ICPC 2021 being held this year, we wanted to make sure students stay motivated enough for the competition. For those of you looking for reasons to ace the ICPC (other than the but-obvious) check out our Go For Gold page here

Structure of AIM ICPC

The AIM ICPC Training series was divided into two parts – Contests and Classes. In the contest  part of the training, one past ICPC Regional contest is selected and contestants are required to solve the problems on CodeChef over a period of 3-5 hours in a week. The contest is then followed by a week of Live classes, where contestants get the opportunity to learn how to solve the problems the better way. The classes go difficulty-level wise, with Monday tackling easy problems, and Wednesday and Friday dealing with intermediate and advanced-level problems. There are also bonus sessions held on Saturdays explaining expert-level problems. So basically, the series followed the format of one week of competing and one week of learning.

Four Contests & Four Sets of Live Classes

The first ICPC training contest, held from the 22nd December to 27th December 2020 drew in a lot of eager coders. With 800+ students as part of the contest and 3500+ submissions, the contest had an absolutely electric energy. Coder iron_specter sat atop the ranklist for this first contest and it was fun witnessing such enthusiastic participation. The contest was followed up with Live Classes from educators and ICPC World Finalists – Arjun Arul and Tanuj Khattar as they explained the problems from the contest. You can watch the first set of classes here, and for advanced learning you can watch this lecture. 

The second contest from the series was fairly mellow. We saw 350+ submissions over the seven days, and this time it was a team byebye2020_2 (we all agree with that sentiment) who claimed the top spot on the ranklist. Team members Jatin Garg, Yash Goyal, Anshu Garg showed some serious skills in the contest. Kudos to them! Post-contest educators Arjun Arul and Deepak Gour helped the students dissect the problems for some unique insights. Watch the first lecture here, and follow that up with this class.   

The third contest of the AIM ICPC Training Series was rather exciting as we had some superb participation and activity. We had some 150+ players and they sent in over 800 submissions. The contest ranklist was ruled by Indian team Urbankings. The team which is made up of  

Shivansh Mishra, Dristiron Saikia, and Ashish Sundriyal solved all 5 problems from the contest to claim first place. The learning session from this contest was tackled by Arjun Arul and there was some major knowledge distributed. Catch the session here

The fourth contest of the series was held from the 9th of January to the 24th and this was easily the most active contest till then. We had 170+ students who managed to send in over 1.4k submissions! Two member team pec clinched first position in this contest. Team members Harshpreet Singh Johar and Srinivasa Ramanujan must have put in a significant amount of effort, because they managed to solve all given problems. Educators Arjun Arul, Tanuj Khattar, and Nishchay Manwani took care of the learning for this contest the following week. Watch the first, second, and third sessions to enhance your skills! 

Well, that’s a recap of all the completed contests from our AIM ICPC series, you can find out more about it here. We loved every moment of it and we hope the students had a good time learning! That’s it for now, stay tuned for our next series! Until then, keep coding!

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