Accelerite recently announced the launch of ShareInsights 3.0 for non-developer data analysts. The platform gets new abilities that substantially lowering the costs as well as complexity associated with gleaning insights from AWS Data Lakes. ShareInsights 3.0's new iteration empowers users with a no-code, browser-based, drag-and-drop toolset that brings together functions of EMR, Athena, Kinesis, Redshift, SageMaker, and Elasticsearch with the aim to facilitate swift visualization, collaboration, and data analysis. The company added that cost forecasting, cost management, and automated service selection reduces cloud utilization costs by up to 20X.

The list of ShareInsights 3.0's advanced new functionalities includes the following:

1. No-code visual controls for improved ease of use in accessing as well as utilizing data lakes and enabling execution of machine learning workflows.

2. Unification of AWS service visualization and management across EMR, Athena, Kinesis, Redshift, SageMaker, and Elasticsearch.

3. Model-based analytics designer, which allows users to switch from data to tasks to models to widgets to streamline group collaboration.

4. Cost forecasting, cost management, and automated service selection for certain use cases and workloads.

5. The data lake visual explorer provides users with a multi-layer graphic representation of insights along with the ability to further delve into widgets for supplementary information.

Mukund Deshpande, Vice President of Data Analytics, Accelerite, said, “ShareInsights 3.0 eliminates the complexity of processing data in AWS Data Lakes and Analytics, letting users with no knowledge of big data analytics programming move directly from data ingestion to sharing and collaboration with their cross-functional business teams. Gone are the days when line-of-business leaders needed to engage data scientists in their organizations to derive value from their data. With ShareInsights, the complex process of processing and analyzing data in data marts and warehouses has been completely democratized.”

The ShareInsights platform facilitates progressive applications like predictive analytics and machine learning via intelligent joins, automatic merges, and self-service data discovery so as to simplify connecting datasets from various sources. Furthermore, interactive visualization enables users to look into terabytes of data on the fly with interactive dashboards, thus making insights accessible by other visualization tools such as Tableau.