You get a DVD, two gimmicked cards, and a folding card wallet.


The effect is that you show a card wallet with a prediction card inside. They shuffle the cards, they count down any number of cards in your hand, and you show that your prediction card matches the card they stopped at.

This is simple, easy to perform, and brilliant!

The props are very good quality. The wallet should last you a very long time, perhaps a lifetime. It is not designed to be your everyday wallet. You could use it to store your business cards.

The method is very good. You show everything very cleanly. I really like the way they thought out even the smallest details.

The effect can be performed completely surrounded.

I also really like that it is all self contained in the wallet. You can perform with a normal deck of cards, take out the card wallet and perform this miracle. You are ready to go.

The ad is fair and honest. If you like what you saw in the trailer, you are going to love this. The prediction card and the matching card from when they freely stopped are normal cards that can be handed out for examination or could be given out as a souvenir.


Not much to warn about here. The effect is very good.

The only thing I can say about this is that for a working pro, I think it would be nice if the wallet served a double duty, like a peek wallet as well. I can’t take any points away from the rating for this, but a working pro should know that this wallet is designed for this trick only. Perhaps you could have a stack of business cards in the wallet and use them for another effect, but it was really designed just for this trick. Upon learning the secrets of the effect, you may find that you could do a similar effect with another, perhaps more versatile wallet.


The skill level required: 1 of 5.
Audience management skill required: 1 of 5.
Performance angles: 360 degrees
The reset time required: Instant
The DIY time involved in advance: 10 minutes


This is a really great effect. The method is clever and the handling is easy.