Jackson Yi will serve as first International Youth Creative Ambassador for adidas neo

Inviting the most popular celebrities nowadays to endorse the brand is a common sight. adidas neo has officially announced Jackson Yi to be their new celebrity endorsement. This collaboration stimulates the fan economy in a different and surprising way. Following the 27th November announcement that Jackson Yi will be brand’s first-ever International Youth Creative Ambassador, the brand launched three extravagant online and offline interactive marketing activities, which instantly became a sensation on social media.

The brand‘s announcement that Jackson Yi will serve as its first International Youth Creative Ambassador was made on the day before the singer’s birthday – 27th November. Jackson Yi’s first assignment for his new job was Jackson Yi Gift Box. The special gift boxes were awarded to 1128 lucky winners of a drawing held on the brand’s online store. The number 1128 is a reference to Jackson Yi’s birth date – 28th November. adidas neo also unleashed a hot new topic on Weibo – #1 of 1128 Jackson Yi Gift Boxes# – which quickly went viral. The 1128 lucky recipients posted photos taken together with their own Jackson Yi Gift Boxes. The photos were then combined as a one-of-a-kind Jackson Yi’s poster, allowing fans to become a core part of the campaign. The poster was not only released online but also was printed, where lucky buyers had the chance to win in the brand’s stores.

As a popular idol, Jackson Yi is the perfect candidate to promote the brand’s message of Living Restless. A large portion of the brand’s target audience also happen to be big fans of the singer. This marketing campaign was specifically targeted at these fans. Making use of Jackson Yi’s celebrity status, the campaign brought the brand closer together with its fans by giving them a chance to interact with their idol, while also inviting them to play a key role in its brand messaging by using the power of the fan economy to combine online and offline marketing. The #1 of 1128 Jackson Yi Gift Boxes# topic succeeded in attracting over 1600W+ reads and generating over 1200W+ interactions on Weibo, ranking NO. 3 among the hottest Weibo topics. Also, by guiding consumers to online and offline stores, the brand succeeded in harnessing the power of its passionate fan base to strengthen sales.

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