Introduction: Britos is a Bulgarian beer brand based in Veliko Tarnovo born in 2012, it is fiercely proud of its independence and provenance. It proposes a broad range of beers that are both sold on the European market and more globally.

Background & Brief: We were briefed to create the label for the Britos brand most premium beer to date. Our long-lasting work with the brand has allowed us to collaborate closely for this premium beer project and to push the creative process further.
The Malt & Roses beer is a unique product that has been steeped in roses petals. This brewing process brings out the distinctive full bodied, floral and fruity notes with a strong character that characterises the M&R taste profile.

Strategy & Insight: We started by both researching the premium beer category and the Rose iconography and product type in design. We decided early on the design process to avoid using cliché imagery and aiming to evoke the product ingredient in a creative, subtle way.
After an initial design stage where we explored a spectrum of design propositions. We finally decided to finalise a highly evocative design featuring an inter-twined botanical pattern with the product name lettering.

Execution: The final design features a bespoke, hand-crafted pattern created by the Berlin based British illustrator Ella Ginn. The intricate floral elements were created to be closely inter-twinned with the M&R letters, it is constituted of 3 distinct layers, each was printed using tints of the same Pantone.
The printed label features tactile varnish on some of the pattern details, the M&S letters are hot foiled in matt gold and it is printed on thick 80gsm paper.

Impact: All the communication, including a short 3D animation is based around the notion of slow revelation and organic growth both originating from the beer brewing process and the label design.
This new unique Malt & Roses beer sits at top end of the Britos beer range, its story, ingredients and its design are all testimony of the brand dedication to excellence.


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