Aion from NCSoft is joining the classic server nostalgia train and launching its own classic server later this month on June 23. The game had a classic server overseas for some time already but as of yesterday the Western Classic Server for Aion has officially been confirmed. This classic version of Aion is launching in 'the Americas' which presumably means both North America and South America. No word on a European launch, as the European version of Aion is licensed by Gameforge. The classic version will begin with the 1.0 version of Aion and introduce updates as the playerbase completes content.

“The new service for the vaunted MMORPG Aion provides a fresh start as the game originally was when it launched in the Americas back in 2009, with some additional quality of life improvements. Players new and old can take flight to explore the massive, unique realm of the god Aion, hunt and venture on quests, or take a side in the battle between light and dark and fight other players. […] Aion Classic will see the return of some of the games early, iconic dungeons, and only the original four character classes will be available to players (each with their two original subclasses). Keeping with the ethos of classic MMORPG experiences, the player progression in Aion Classic will be moderately paced, to increase opportunities for players to explore the world of the Asmodians and the Elyos.”

Aion Classic will be free to play but will feature a subscription option as well as a battle pass. Pre-order founders packs are available now for $20 and $50.

Except from Aion Classic FAQ:

What is Aion Classic?

Aion Classic is a server which has restored the contents of the original Aion service that began in 2009 so that they could be enjoyed again. It operates on a separate server from the currently Live server and will be provided as an official, ongoing service rather than an event.

What is the service version?

The content of the Aion Classic we are introducing is based on the original 1.0 update. This server features PvE content up to level 50 as well as Rift and Fortress Battles for PvP.

However, there are many players who experienced difficulties in the original Aion due to the high EXP required to advance. These issues have been corrected in Classic and adjustments have been made so that the highest level can be reached in a shorter amount of time.

The contents are 1.0, but the implemented client system is version 2.7 so you can expect to see a more balanced and optimized version. For example, Remove Shock Skills and the Two-Handed Weapon Integration System that allow Altered State escape have been applied.

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