Alcatel OneTouch may have recently been in the news for buying up the Palm Inc. brand from HP, and although Alcatel has yet to officially comment on what their plans are for the brand name, they have something in the works that we should get to learn all about at the upcoming CES tradeshow next week, a smartwatch. This certainly won’t be the only thing they have to show off at CES, but it definitely has our interests piqued the most. Alcatel’s smartwatch titled “Watch” is light on official details for now, luckily for us,(and all of you or anyone else that is interested in Alcatel’s answer to the smartwatch market)we might be learning all of those details as early as Sunday or Monday.

Alcatel’s smartwatch will also be yet another round watch offering alongside other competitors like the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R, although we don’t know at this point if the OneTouch Watch will run Android Wear or not. Alcatel did mention that the watch will have the ability to “monitor daily activity” thanks to a selection of applications that tie into the feature. This could mean that it will be equipped with the sensors needed to track those types of data, like a heart rate sensor as well as a pedometer.

Other than the ability to track daily activity with numerous apps, Alcatel is said to have mentioned that the OneTouch Watch will be a good value, so that could mean that it will come in under the price of the Moto 360. Alcatel’s image of the watch displays that it will have two different types of bands, one with a complete metal band and the other having what we can assume is a rubberized band with a metal clasp, both coming in two different colors. There is no confirmation on whether or not Alcatel will be offering more band and color options, so for now we can only assume consumers will be limited to what we see. There are no specifications to tell of yet, but if you look closely at the image, we can see the NFC logo stamped on the non-metal band so we know that the watch will likely have NFC built in. Would you consider buying Alcatel’s smartwatch offering if it was set at the right price?

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