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After several years in development, the western version of Lost Ark is finally inching its way to full launch this fall with Amazon behind the publishing wheel. The tech giant quietly partnered with Smilegate last year but has just recently confirmed that they will be taking on publishing responsibilities for the upcoming Diablo-like MMOARPG in the west.

“Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a vast, vibrant world: explore new lands, seek out lost treasures, and test yourself in thrilling action combat. Define your fighting style with your class and advanced class, and customize your skills, weapons, and gear to bring your might to bear as you fight against hordes of enemies, colossal bosses, and dark forces seeking the power of the Ark in this action-packed free-to-play RPG.”

The western port will offer a slightly different experience than the original version that’s currently live in Japan, Korea, and Russia.

“[We’re] working on changes that we believe will make our audience feel more at home in Lost Ark,” said Amazon. “Some areas of focus have been character creation, knowing players of all types want a character they feel represents them – (such as more options for default costumes, hairstyles and skin tones). Additionally, we’re working to increase NPC diversity throughout the world of Arkesia. We have been working closely with Smilegate RPG to make changes that reflect our audience.”

Developer Smilegate will be running an NDA-covered technical alpha test that will kick off later today on Steam and will run until June 16. Anyone interested in taking the game, or at least part of it, for a quick spin can now sign up on the official site. “We are testing our live services for the first time and tester experiences will not represent Launch or even Beta gameplay quality,” said the studio.

Founders packs that come with beta access, three days’ head start, exclusive titles, free in-game currency, and other exclusive perks are available for purchase on the official site starting at $24.99 for the Silver Pack, all the way up to $99.99 for the Platinum Pack.

“We understand the business model is a primary concern for players in the West. In all regions, Lost Ark is a free to play game with optional in-game purchases. We want to assure players that the Western version of Lost Ark will be a fair, fun, and a great gaming experience where in-game purchases are completely optional,” Amazon said.

“We think it is important that players have a path to acquire all items in our version of Lost Ark without having to make a purchase with few exceptions. (For example, Founders Packs, services like name changes, etc.) We are still working through the details with Smilegate and will share more details later this summer along with our Prime Gaming benefits,” they added.

More information can be found on the Lost Ark official site.

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