Amazon Publishing certainly isn’t new to the industry anymore, but somehow, people continue to be surprised by the names the company manages to publish under its different imprints. According to Publishing Perspectives, Dean Koontz, horror author of more than 45 titles, is the latest name to sign with Amazon for a five-book deal, the first of which will release next spring.

What’s prompting so many authors with major-name Big Five book deals to head over to Amazon Publishing? Royalty split and payment terms are always a big draw, but some authors have already cited it’s the working relationship with a very eager team that has them making the jump.

Of course, Amazon Publishing’s multi-imprint model means the company takes a “something for everyone” approach to releasing great new content. Let alone the variety of fiction imprints, the company also provides long form, short form, and current event publications for different reading tastes.

Koontz, for his part, will also be releasing short stories with Amazon Publishing in addition to the full-length fiction novels. He has already published one short story with them, “Ricochet Joe,” which was given the same “Kindle In Motion” special effects treatment that first made headlines with Patricia Cornwell’s title about Jack the Ripper.

One possible explanation for why authors are seeking out Amazon Publishing deals comes down to book sales. Why rely on a publisher who doesn’t also sell the books? As too many authors and publishers learned in working with Barnes and Noble, coveted shelf space is expensive and hard to come by. With more books being sold online in the US than in physical book stores, it makes a lot of sense to work with a publisher who also has an “in” with marketing the book on its wide-reach website.