Amazon has now introduced an advancement in its subscription-based WorkMail email and calendar service. Now it's possible for the Mac users to access Microsoft Outlook 2016 for email and calendar over Amazon WorkMail. As well as other email clients that use IMAP protocol are now accessible through Amazon WorkMail. Email clients like Apple’s Mail app and Mozilla’s Thunderbird support IMAP protocol.

As mentioned in Amazon Official Blog,

“Users can choose from a wide range of email clients when using Amazon WorkMail, including Microsoft Outlook for Windows and Mac OS X, IMAP-based email clients, mobile devices and email clients that use the ActiveSync protocol, Apple Mail and Calendar applications on OS X, and the Amazon WorkMail web client from a web browser.”

Amazon is surely searching for its space in email business which is heavily dominated by Google and Microsoft. Amazon WorkMail was introduced in early 2015 and users can start their free trial by visiting the website.