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Back in May, I finally decided that it was time to move away from the Microsoft stack to Linux. The cost of developing, licensing, and purchasing cloud computing on the Microsoft stack is too expensive. My company was approved for BizSpark, which made development possible for a small company like mine, but what am I going to do three years from now? My other problem is how can I ask a client to pay thousands of dollars for Microsoft cloud computing and licensing, especially when the open source technologies that run on Linux only cost hundreds of dollars, and those technologies scale better.

We have been using Ruby for some time now for our web projects. Unfortunately, we have needed to stay on .NET for our server development. I didn’t want to start writing C/C++ again and Ruby, Erlang and every other language I looked at just didn’t feel right for this type of development. Then my partner told me to look at Go.

You can implement very robust code using the Go programming language and paradigms. In a few hours I was able to write a program called NewsSearch. The program downloads a list of RSS feed documents and processes them using different search plugins. The first search plugin is called Expression. It searches through each RSS document looking for matching keywords or regular expressions. It displays any matching documents and where the match was made.

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