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Well, if you thought Google is done revamping the design of the power menu with Android 11, you should hold your horses! Because with the latest Android 12 Beta 2 update, Google has redesigned the power menu.

Although the previously changed power menu introduced with the Android 11 update went under the radar, the new power menu is nice and minimal.

Moreover, the power menu design Google pushed with the Android 12 Beta 2 update goes more or less with the likes of Samsung.

The new power menu in Android 12 Beta 2 is now under a quick settings button. Here, you will see an entirely new design. However, instead of taking up the entire screen, the newly revamped power menu pops up in a square.

Notably, you will be shown four large buttons, i.e. Emergency, Lockdown, Power Off, and Restart. As noted by 9To5Google, this is a sort of return to the original Android form, where one-tap buttons were more common.

The new power menu is accessible via quick settings menu or long-press of the power button

The good thing is that you can access the power menu in two different ways. You can either head over to the quick settings menu to access the new power menu, or you can long-press the power button to pop up the new menu.

Do note you should turn off the “Hold for Assistant” option when you long-press the power button, in order to show the new power menu.

Alternatively, if the Assistant is turned on, you can use the “Hey Google, turn off my phone” command to turn off your phone. We all knew Google was planning a total revamp of design to Android OS with Android 12.

And this new power menu introduced with the Android 12 Beta 2 update is a part of this design overhaul. By default, the new power menu will show up with three circular buttons.

But if you have enabled Lockdown on your phone, then the “Emergency” button will also show up. As already mentioned, Android 12 allows you to make use of the Assistant command to turn off your phone, the new power menu may go totally unnoticed.

So, people who dislike the new power menu design can simply use their voice to turn off their Android phones. Seems like Google has thought well ahead for both parties involved.

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