Animation Producer Steve Burch
Escape Studios is welcoming Animation Producer Steve Burch to our High Holborn campus on wednesday 28 February to deliver a workshop on Producing Animation.

Our second year animators are working on their first group project, a short film - and one which simulates as closely as possible a live client brief.

Steve will be helping our students to navigate some of the challenges involved in successfully completely their first animation production. After all, being a successful animator isn't just about being good at animation; you also need to understand how group projects work, and learn how to collaborate with other artists in a studio environment.

Steve will also be working with our short course animators on the Monday 12th March.  Here at Escape Studios we want our students to think not just in terms of finding work in the animation industry as employees, but also to succeed as freelancers. After all, in a business which is largely project-driven and where lifetime employment is almost unheard-of, knowing how to pull of a freelance job successfully is a vital life skill.

Steve Burch started out in the animation industry as an effects artists, later moving into production. His most recent credit is line producer for the 2016 Lego Friends movie.

To learn more about the business of producing animation, read my account of one of Steve's excellent workshops here.

If you'd like to know more about the business of producing animation, we're running an 8 week evening class at Escape Studios in June.

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