Ahead of its filming beginning in just a few short weeks, Sony’s upcoming film based on Uncharted has received a rather notable actor joining the movie’s cast.

According to a new report from Variety, Academy Award-nominated actor Antonio Banderas has now officially joined Uncharted. Banderas joins a cast that also features Tom Holland in the leading role as Nathan Drake while Mark Wahlberg is playing the role of Sully. As for who Banderas will be playing in the movie, it hasn’t been announced just yet, but I have a personal feeling that he could be playing an antagonist of sorts.

In addition, Variety also confirms previous rumors that Ruben Fleischer will end up being the director of the film. Previously, Travis Knight was slated to be the director of Uncharted before it was announced in December 2019 that he had left the project. In recent weeks, it was announced that Uncharted would soon start filming, but a new director in Knight’s place still hadn’t been formally revealed. As of now, we finally know that Fleischer, who has previously directed Zombieland and Venom, will be helming the film.

While video game movies are often hit or miss, Uncharted at the very least has a cast that is filled with notable names. Holland, Wahlberg, and Banderas have each been great in a variety of movies over the years and should hopefully make the finished product enjoyable to watch, at the very least. Whether or not this movie ends up doing the source material justice remains to be seen, but it definitely seems like it could end up turning out well.

Uncharted is slated to hit theaters next year on March 5, 2021.

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