Yozio, the app solutions provider, announced funding of $7m in a series A round, led by Foundation Capital. Ashu Garg from Foundation Capital joins the company’s board. Yozio enables mobile app developers to acquire users by foregoing expensive app-install ads and instead focus on channels such as SMS, email and social media.

Yozio enables app publishers to create personalise experiences

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Source: yozio.com

Earlier this year, the company launched its Yozio Deep Link Drill Down tool that offers an analytics dashboard and in-app conversions through deep linking. This means that app downloads are personalised towards the specific users who received a message or notification from a friend. Deep links enable customers to get to the content they seek faster. Lei Sun, Founder and CEO at Yozio explains:


“Consider this: Alice is in the Zappos app and shares a link to a pair of shoes she likes with her friend Mary via SMS, but Mary doesn’t have the Zappos app. So she goes to the App Store and installs the Zappos app in order to view Alice’s shoes. But upon opening it, she doesn’t see Alice’s shoes. Instead, she sees the generic Zappos home screen and is forced to find Alice’s shoes on her own. By deep linking, Alice’s unique link would take Mary to the Zappos app and, after installation, bring her directly to Alice’s shoes.”

According to Yozio, companies that have already successfully grown their mobile app user base are Pinterest, Etsy as well as Airbnb. Airbnb, Yozio claims, increased organic Android downloads by 300% within a month. Overall, it has generated over 75m mobile app installs. Commenting on competitors Google and Facebook, Sun says:

“The innovation by Google and Facebook is mostly focused on driving advertising revenue, so organic growth takes a backseat. Yozio solves both the fragmentation issues created by platform competition and helps companies to grow without expensive advertising.”

The company plans to use the new funds to expand its Oakland office team, further innovate its platform and grow its freemium SaaS platform which allows Yozio to share mobile growth best practices without monetizing via advertising.

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