MagSafe is one of the more intriguing features of Apple’s new iPhone 12 line, and the company has published new guidelines for accessory makers looking to integrate MagSafe into their products.

The new Accessory Design Guidelines (available via PDF here) detail how companies must make certified accessories for various Apple products. An update pushed to the guidelines added specific instructions around MagSafe accessories. For example, the guidelines say ‘Made for MagSafe’ cases must enclose the entire device with a maximum thickness of 2.1mm. However, Apple recommends manufacturers build cases with 2mm thickness.

Further, the guidelines say case manufacturers must ensure their accessories are compatible with both the MagSafe charger and the iPhone Leather Wallet. Magnets in the case must align properly with the iPhone 12’s rear magnets, and Apple says cases can’t include other magnets.

The guidelines even cover what type of magnets to use (N45SH NdFeB magnets with a 7-13µm NiCuNi coating, if you were curious). MagSafe accessories should require between 800 and 1,100gf (gram force) to remove.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the new guidelines is that Apple says cases must attach to the device without relying on the magnets. In other words, no magnetic snap-on cases that only use MagSafe to attach to the iPhone. MacRumors points out that that seems contradictory given how Apple’s own iPhone 12 advertising portrays MagSafe cases.

Accessory makers hoping to offer Apple-certified MagSafe accessories will need to follow all the guidelines. Those interested in checking out the guidelines in full can do so here.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors

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