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Do you ever want to give up?

I hear the voice, keep going, don’t give up.I make mistakes. There are times when I want to give up and call it quits. During those times when I’m feeling uneasy about myself and my abilities I find it hard to keep plodding on. In response I slip into a pattern where I attempt to create a persona that isBIGGER, OUTSTANDING, MORE…Telling a Whooper of a Tale as a girl to my friends and being found out (1950s)Growing larger as a...

  • Mary Alice Long
  • PhD
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Unpacking Spokeo v. Robins

Just as the industrial age generated air and water pollution that could harm people and property, so the Internet age generates data whose misuse may cause harm. And just as Congress passed laws enabling individual citizens to enforce environmental laws on behalf of themselves and others, Congress has also passed laws empowering people to bring lawsuits in federal courts against companies that cause privacy harms. In each case,...

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Ontario overhauls health privacy

On May 5, the Ontario legislature voted on and passed Bill 119, the Health Information Protection Act, 2016. HIPA will come into force on a date to be set by the government. As previously reported in Tracker, HIPA makes important amendments to the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, including strengthening breach reporting provisions and introducing new provisions for electronic health records. In addition, HIPA...

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UX Design Openings- The Greatest Promise Of Future

We stand at the threshold of an era where Design is evolving….BIG TIME. We are witnessing a revolution where the superpower ‘technology’ has been overthrown by ‘Design’ and emerged as the uncrowned king. Some Big Players envisaged this fallout, many did not. But now, from small to big, all companies are hands down incorporating the user experience into their products. That’s the key mantra to win a customer, the outcome of...

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Women In Animation “Storyboarding Secrets” Panel June 28th

Many who frequent Animation Scoop are aware of the great work that Women in Animation is doing. Apart from the initiative at the cornerstone of their work to create gender equality in the animation industry, reaching “50-50 by 2025”, they strive to educate women all stages of their careers. To that end, they host a variety of panels, events, and gatherings, from which many aspiring animators, and those working inside the studio...

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Global News Roundup—May 9 - 16, 2016

Lawmakers around the U.S. are moving to restrict cellphone surveillance, notably in Vermont where a bill awaiting the governor’s signature would require a warrant to use stingrays and obtain cellphone communications from providers. Also in the U.S., Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., will debut a bill this week that would undo a recent Supreme Court decision allowing judges to issue hacking warrants outside their respective jurisdictions and...