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Learning and planning for learning

I'm one of the people who loves doing lists. I have lists of things I should do, and when I feel overwhelmed with what I need to be doing, I find myself doing lists again.Recently I've come to realize that lists are procrastination. Making a list isn't going to take the work forward. Doing the work takes the work forward. So I'm trying get off my list-making habit.In my blogging, I've moved from making a list of topics and planning for...

TCT 2016: EXCEL And NOBLE Give Different Answers On Stenting Vs. Surgery For Left-Main Disease

NOBLE found that the five-year risk of major adverse events was higher after stenting compared to coronary bypass surgery to...       Related StoriesZimmer Biomet Supply Woes Could Leave An Opening In Joint MarketsTCT 2016: OCT Improves Stent-Expansion In ILUMIEN III TrialWarning Letter Roundup & Recap – Nov. 1, 2016