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'Ghost imaging' with atoms demonstrated

A team of physicists in Australia has used a technique known as 'ghost imaging' to create an image of an object from atoms that never interact with it. This is the first time that ghost imaging has been achieved using atoms, although it has previously been demonstrated with light, leading to applications being developed for imaging and remote sensing through turbulent environments.


Some Airplane Energy Demand Economics

Before I talk about airplanes, I want to thank USC's media team for writing this very nice article about the The USC Economics Review (our new undergraduate economics journal).  Two weeks ago, Jerry Nickelsberg and I released a new NBER Working Paper titled "An Economic Analysis of U.S Airline Fuel Economy Dynamics from 1991 to 2015"Airline transport generates a growing share of global greenhouse gas emissions but as of...

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The coldest decade of the millennium?

While searching through historical archives to find out more about the 15th-century climate of what is now Belgium, northern France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, a researcher noticed something odd. Compared with other decades of the last millennium, many of the 1430s' winters and some springs were extremely cold in the Low Countries, as well as in other parts of Europe.