Google announces Espresso, Django 1.11 released, and Red Hat Software Collections 2.4 in beta — SD Times news digest: April 5, 2017

At the Open Networking Summit, Google announced Espresso, the latest offering in its software defined networking strategy. It is designed to make the Google cloud faster, more available and cost effective. “Espresso has been in production for over two years and routes 20 percent of our total traffic to the internet—and growing. It’s changing the way traffic is directed at the peering edge, delivering unprecedented scale,...

  • Christina Cardoza
  • Madison Moore
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Heroku and The Tenth Rule of Cloud-based Infrastructure

by Matt RogishI thought I wanted to share some thoughts about the genesis of ReactiveOps — about what we do and why we do it. I’ll start with a little history.Back in college, I launched a two-person tech startup, where I wore many hats — programmer, systems administrator, database administrator. Early on, I learned to appreciate the business value of great infrastructure.After I graduated, I worked as a programmer, got...

Excel JavaScript API Part 4: The shallow copy problem

I was trying to read the values from a Range and then write modified versions of the values to two different ranges. Should be straightforward: async function setValue() { try { await (context) => { let sheet = context.workbook.worksheets.getActiveWorksheet(); let rng1 = sheet.getRange("A1:A2").load("values"); await context.sync(); let rng2 = sheet.getRange("B4:b5"); let rng3 =...


Onboarding, On-Call and Learning

A while back in the hangops slack I offered to try and help anyone that I could in the #career_advice or #job_board channels. I am no expert on these topics but maybe I have some knowledge that will help others. I recently received an email with some great questions that I thought would share.1. OnboardingThere’s an unlimited amount of stuff to go through for SRE #2, but I want to have their onboarding experience be an enjoyable...