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My writing is made possible by readers like you. I’ve been writing here since 2002, and there are over 1,200 posts so far (more than 760,000 words!), on all sorts of topics. I’ve given up software development and I now write books, a journey I’m still (hopefully) at the start of. You can help support my writing — novels, articles, and non-fiction books — by becoming a member of this site. I’ve revamped the membership...

¿Estamos usando Scrum?

Antes de iniciar la lectura del siguiente artículo sugiero la lectura de la guía de Scrum en En muchas ocasiones durante conferencias, talleres, conversaciones y consultoría en empresas he podido observar muchas interrogantes acerca del uso de Scrum. Algunas personas deciden no hacer un Daily Scrum diario o lo hacen en más de 15 minutos. Me decían: “Porqué debo...

Fast Planar Harmonic Deformations with Alternating Tangential Projections

Abstract We present a planar harmonic cage-based deformation method with local injectivity and bounded distortion guarantees, that is significantly faster than state-of-the-art methods with similar guarantees, and allows for real-time interaction. With a convex proxy for a near-convex characterization of the bounded distortion harmonic mapping space from [LW16], we utilize a modified alternating projection method (referred to as ATP)...

  • Eden Fedida Hefetz
  • Edward Chien
  • Ofir Weber
1 min read

Evaluating Hex-mesh Quality Metrics via Correlation Analysis

Abstract Hexahedral (hex-) meshes are important for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) in applications of scientific computing and mechanical engineering. Many methods have been proposed aiming to generate hex-meshes with high scaled Jacobians. While it is well established that a hex-mesh should be inversion-free (i.e. have a positive Jacobian measured at every corner of its hexahedron), it is not well-studied that whether...