The Simplest Machine Learning

In this episode of the AI Show, machine learning is gently introduced from the standpoint of the algorithm and model. It starts with the simplest machine learning, linear regression, and ends on a dense neural network explaining the similarities in plain terms along the way to bring the audience up to speed on neural networks in a fun way. Watch this episode to discover what machine learning algorithms really are in 10 minutes or less.


How one CEO went from rejecting an offer from Steve Jobs to an $11 billion IPO

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston famously turned down Steve Jobs when Jobs offered to acquire the company. After the rejection, Jobs not-so-subtly implied that he'd have to put Dropbox out of business instead. The following is a transcript of the video. Steve Kovach: You have this interesting legend of the time you were summoned to Apple by Steve Jobs. You know what I'm going to ask you. What happened? And then how does that relate to where...

  • Kara Chin
  • Steve Kovach
3 min read