Our commitment to a more capable web

Since the beginning of Chrome we have worked to provide a solid foundation for modern web applications. Those capabilities have enabled new experiences on the web that were never thought possible. WASM is enabling new classes of games and productivity apps like Sketchup and AutoCAD, WebRTC enables new ways to communicate, and service workers allow developers to create reliably fast web experiences regardless of network...


A distributed file system implemented using Servant and REST

houli/distributed-file-system A distributed file system implemented using Servant and REST Users starred: 7Users forked: 1Users watching: 7Updated at: 2018-11-12 23:43:52 Distributed File System - Eoin Houlihan 13323304 Documentation Full documentation with instructions on how to build and run the project can be found on GitHub pages. Alternatively, a PDF of the report has been uploaded to the releases page.

KeenLab jailbreak ios 12.1 Jailbreak On iPhone XS Max

The recently released iOS 12.1 has been jailbroken, and the latest iPhone XS Max models have also been smashed. Tencent KeenLab researcher Liang Chen confirmed on Twitter that he has successfully jailbroken iPhone XS Max on iOS 12.1, but if you want to apply it to your own iPhone XS Max, there is basically no chance that this will happen. iOS 12.1 + A12 == the end of iOS war? I will be presenting at POC 2018 this Friday with latest...