YouTube Music is also not supported in Microsoft Chromium Edge

Microsoft Chromium Edge is off to a steady start and browser has been praised by the community. While Google welcomed Microsoft to the ‘open-source’ Chromium community, some of the big services owned Google is not functioning properly in the new Edge. Earlier today, users spotted that YouTube’s new design is not supported in new Edge. It turns out that Google has also not whitelisted the Chromium Edge browser on YouTube Music and...

The anatomy of a defect

The following defect is to some extent typical of those encountered by connector developers1 at Tasktop, inasmuch as there exists a typical defect. The ‘to some extent’ qualifier is there as most defects are either too straightforward to write a blog about, or conversely too complex and/or delve too deeply into our code internals to make for a concise narrative. Nevertheless, this defect should still give a good idea of the type of...

Dan Robinson: Rainbow Network – Off-Chain Synthetics Exchange or “Multicolored Lightning”

We’re joined by Dan Robinson, a research partner at Paradigm, and the author the “Rainbow Network” paper. The paper describes an off-chain decentralized synthetics exchange which leverages payment channels. The Rainbow Network is based on the idea that “rainbows are basically just multicolored lightning,” borrowing from the concepts used in the Lightning Network. The protocol relies on trusted oracles and allows participants...

  • Sebastien Couture
  • Sunny Aggarwal
1 min read