Data Governance: tool/solution for data flow visualization

Objective Suppose you're implementing typical Enterprise DWH for mid size company with the following flow: Ingestion tool => Data Lake (ETL) => OLAP DWH => Reporting/BI tool. Suppose you're ingesting data from 10 different operational systems, Data Lake volume is about 20-100 TBs, 100+ raw tables, single data engineering team that may grow in few teams in future and pretty complex logic to be implemented (1-2 years for core...

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How to build multi page template scaffold with vue-cli 4.0!? This article teaches you

multipage Github address multi page template scaffold based on vue-cli 4.0! Launch project git clone cd multipage npm install npm run dev Copy code catalog √ Vue-cli4 √ generate multi page configuration according to directory structure √ configure multiple environment variables √ rem adaptation scheme √ Vuex status management √...